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Our Production

Horticulture 20 hectares

  • A traveling irrigation system and pump were installed with a capacity to irrigate 15 hectares a week.
  • 3-hectare solar-powered borehole irrigation installed
  • Fenced 5 hectares for the potato seed including refurbishment of packing shed, and construction of a dark room to meet contract requirements
  • Commenced conversion of old tobacco barns into vermicompost pits.

Our production

Broadacre crops 80 hectares

  • Intend to grow maize, soya beans, sunflower etc which would be harvested and converted to animal feed for the farm and sell to chikonomy.

Our Production

Tree plantation 10 hectares

  • Clearing of 10 hectares commenced in November in preparation for growing macadamia and avocado trees.

Our production

Free range organic chickens and pigs 5 hectares

  • Purchased wood cabins to accommodate the first batch of 2000 chickens
  • The piggery project is to be commenced in June next year after harvesting the broadacre crops and importation of animal feed-making machines.
  • The piggery and poultry project with time will be used to generate electricity ad also for manure.

Our Production

AussieZim mining claim

  • The entity has a mining claim in Mazowe Zimbabwe where it’s currently undertaking Geological surveys.
  • It intends to import a gold processing plant for use by nearby miners for a fee as well as undertake gold mining activities at the claim.